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Saturday, January 19, 2013

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Easeus Download free full version data recovery tool

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Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Professional is a tool used to recover data which is lost due to deletion, 
virus attacks, format, partition loss, operating system crash etc. This tool is very easy to use and helps us to recover all type or format of data whether it is a video or a text document. Sometimes we delete the data by a mistake or we lost the data due to VIRUS attacks.  So we can recover that data using this tool. It is the best tool used for recovering the data.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is a recovery software for Windows that supports file, partition and complete recoveries of data. The software retails for $69.95 but is completely free of charge as part of this giveaway. Even better, we managed to get an unlimited number of copies.
The application reminds the user during installtion that it should not be installed on the same drive that data needs to be recovered from. That is a sound advice as the installation could overwrite deleted data which would make it unrecoverable. It is also recommended to have a safe storage device with enough space at hand to store the recovered data on. This may not be a problem if you need to recover a Word or Excel document that you have deleted accidentally but if you plan on recovering all data on a hard drive (for instance after formatting) or a partition you need a lot of space.
When you first start up Data Recovery Wizard you are presented with three options: Deleted File Recovery, Complete Recovery and Partition Recovery.

data recovery wizard 

Deleted file recovery

This module can be used to recover individual files on the system that have been deleted before. Deletion does not necessarily mean user initiated, it can very well mean that a virus or crash has rendered data unreadable.
Users can undelete (it is sometimes called unerase as well) files if the file system is not corrupt or broken. The other available recovery modules are for situations where the file system or a partition were damaged.
Generally speaking, files can be recovered if they have not been overwritten by new data. This means that recovery chances are best for newly deleted files, and increasingly worse for every day the computer has been in use since the files have been deleted.
Easeus Data Recovery Wizard scans the connected drives and displays them in the drive overview. Here it is possible to select a drive for file recovery.
file recovery 
Data Recovery Wizard scans the selected hard drive or storage device and displays its finding on the next screen. Directories and files are displayed in an explorer-like fashion. A file search offers help if a lot of results have been returned and if the user knows part of all of a file’s name.
recover files 
Files are selected with checkmarks. The file recovery software supports file previews (for images and text) which can be handy for supported file types. The storage location for all selected files needs to be configured in the last step. Data Recovery Wizard recovers the files then and places them in the selected location.
It is then possible to go back to the file listing to recover additional files.

Complete Recovery

Complete recovery has been designed if the drive is not accessible anymore, for instance after a hard disk crash, accidental formatting or other forms of corruption. The initial screen displays the hard drives again. Users can select a disk image that they want to process instead of one of the connected hard drives.
The selected hard drive or disk image is then scanned by the recovery software. The application searches for files, boot records, partition tables, folders and other information.
complete drive recovery 
A list of partitions is displayed to the user in the end. Each partition is displayed with various information, from storage size to files and folder matches and a suggestion that indicates how likely it is that it is the right partition of the drive. If no partitions are displayed quit the process and start the partition recovery module instead.
Up to four partitions can be selected for recovery in the complete recovery module.

Partition Recovery

Partition Recovery comes into play if the complete recovery module does not find partitions. The recovery process itself is very similar to the previously described process. A list of hard drives are shown and it is up to the user to select one of the drives or a disk image to scan for recoverable partitions.
All partitions that have been found by the scan are displayed in the program interface. Here it is again possible to select partitions for recovery.

Core Features

  • Recover deleted or lost files
  • Disk recovery after hard drive crashes, accidental formatting
  • Recover data from unformatted hard drives
  • Recover files if the partition is corrupt, not accessible anymore
  • Supports not only hard drives but also USB drives and storage, e.g. digital camera cards.
  • Supports FAT12, FAT16, VFAT, FAT32, NTFS/NTFS5 file systems
  • Create disk images to assist in the file recovery


Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is an easy to use file recovery software for Windows. Its feature set should be sufficient for the majority of file recovery situations that users encounter.


We have an unlimited number of copies to give away. The software offered is the latest version of Data Recovery Wizard (V5.0.1). Just install it, the software is automatically registered. Please note that you cannot update the software with newer versions, that’s however the only restriction.
You can download the setup file (3 Megabytes) below. Please do not hotlink to the file.
Update: The Givaway has ended.
The software is compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system. You find additional information about the product over at Easeus 

 Free version is also available but it only provides 1 GB of data to recover but i am making you available premium version free of cost.  To download this tool click download button below.


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