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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Common Problems New Computer Users Face

Anonymous - 20:00

For someone who is new to using a computer, one of the initial problems they face is learning how to use their new device, since computers are made up of primarily two main parts, hardware and software, to make their computer work, one must know how to operate one and the other.
1. Make Sure Everything is Connected
Most new computer users face the problem of which buttons to press or which connection to plug in order to do something. A good suggestion to new computers users is to take a look at the operating manual supplied by the computer manufacturer
2. Connecting To the Internet or Network
While some networks are unsecured and automatically connected to by the computer, others are not, to connect to a secured network one must find out what the password of the network is before even attempting to connect to it. Once the user has the password, all he/she needs to do is select the network and type in the password
3. Locating Your Files
What most users get frustrated by is the huge amount of folders and directories in their operating system, because of this some files they saved can be very hard to locate and just might lead the user in getting lost in one of hundreds of folders. Fortunately there is a search function in most operating system, this functions is taken for granted or overlooked by most but all you need to know is the file name of the file you are searching for and there you have it.
4. Maintaing Your Computer
To new computer users, computer maintenance is something they probably never heard or thought about, It is important to note though that regular operating system updates and temporary file cleanups are necessary in keeping your computer fast, stable and secured. Installing an Anti Virus is also a good idea as it may provide the extra protection when connecting to the internet


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