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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Typing Tutor / Typing Master 7 Download Free Full Version

Anonymous - 09:54

System Requirements:

Platform: Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

Media: CD-ROM

Download Now- DOWNLOAD

What if you could write your e-mails and reports with ease and in half the time?

Learn to touch type and you can. TypingMaster Pro typing tutor for Windows is your personal typing trainer with 5 typing courses, typing tests, dynamic reviews, games and our unique Satellite to track your real-world typing. Our new Optimal Learning features with made to measure drills, guarantee that you will learn to touch type in just 3-5 hours. With TypingMaster Pro you'll learn to type fast without typos and will save dozens of valuable working hours every year. Better typing will help you get things done.

Product Features

Professional typing software with versatile drills that adapt to your skill level to bring results in just 5 hours of training

Typing Master features bite-size exercises that are easy to fit into a daily training schedule

Lessons, tests, dynamic reviews, games and progress reports build your way to professional typing

Includes typing courses in three languages: English, Spanish and French

PLUS! Skills Tracker Add-on that analyzes your typing while you work and provides made-to-measure training.


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