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Saturday, December 15, 2012


Tips To Help Improve Your Computer's Security

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Having a secure and safe computer in today's technological world is something that has become of extreme importance for most of us today. We tend to keep our private and important stuff such as our files, data, photos and passwords on our computers and thus it becomes a worry for us to make sure that these files doesn't end up with in the wrong hands.

1. Install an Anti-Virus

The first and probably the most obvious tip in improving your computer's security is installing an anti-virus software. While there are many anti-virus programs out there, not all of them are the same, Only the top anti-virus companies such as AVG, McAfee, and Symantec have the resources to most viruses as well as the most recent ones.

2. Enable your Firewall

Most modern operating systems today come standard with a firewall, A firewall is a software in most cases that is built in to your operating system that monitors traffic that comes in an out of your computer. A firewall simply blocks out connections you didn't ask or request for and yet this program provides an incredible amount of security at no cost.

3. Install Operating System Updates Regularly

By installing the most recent updates to you operating system, you can make sure that what ever bugs and loop-holes that were uncovered by hackers have been fixed. Most operating system updates also contain stability improvements which can also help your computer in case of errors that may happen while using your computer.

4. Restrict to Administrator Access to Other Accounts

By Restricting Administrator Access to other accounts in your system, you're making sure that no one but you can make major changes to the computer sch as installing programs and applications, this prevents outside sources from installing programs and applications that may harm your computer or compromise you personal files and date

5. Use a Password

Having a system gives you the confidence that your computer is safe not only from the network but also from people around you. In some cases, a computer's security is often compromised through outside sources besides the internet because of someone else intruding your computer and installing harmful programs.


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