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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to Reformat A Computer

Anonymous - 15:14

Computer Reformat

When you have trouble with your PC and there is absolutely no option left but for you to reformat your computer, you can do so without taking the help of a professional. You do not have to shell out lots of money and get a professional to help you reformat your computer. You can simply learn the steps and do it yourself. Of course, you should remember that reformatting should only be done if there is nothing else you can do to salvage the situation.

Since reformatting your computer would delete all the files that you have, it is important that you have some sort of backup so that you can retain all the files that you own. Also, when you buy the computer, you get a software install download CD which you must keep safe. In this way, you would be able to re-install the deleted systems and use them again without any trouble after you have reformatted your computer.
After you restart your computer, you can go to the computers Basic input/output system or BIOS by pressing the delete button repeatedly. Once you have gone to BIOS, you have to look for the booting set up. There, you can see what the different systems are that your computer boots such as the CD-ROM and the floppy disk. You can start by placing the CD-ROM as the first boot and the hard disk as the second boot. As for the third and fourth boot, it is not as important as the first and second so you can opt for anything.

After you do this you can save changes and then exit. The computer would restart on its own when you do this. Now, since it is understood that you had placed the bootable CD of the operating system you are using in your CD-ROM, you can now press Boot to CD. After this, you have the option to delete your partitions or to create a new one. However, it is more advisable that you create a new one. If you have more than one partition, it would just slow your computer down.
After you have created a new partition, you would be given the options to either format or quick format your computer. It would be better if you opt for a regular format so opt for either the NTSF or the FAT format. Quick formatting is not advised as it might lead to file corruption in some cases. Thus, it would be better for you if you steer clear of the quick option. It is better to wait longer for a safer way of reformatting your computer.
The computer would automatically copy the files that you need from the CD and install whatever needs to be installed such as the software that you need. You can fill in settings such as your user name, date and time. After the installation has been finished, the computer would restart on its own and there you have it. Reformatting your computer is completed without any professional help.


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